Friday, March 15, 2013

New New times...

Practicing music at Marcelo's place was a blast, but too much of a blast for some, so we had to realise that another place was needed.

Now we got it! After a short and exhausting search, three opportunities arose and a decision was reached yesterday:

Mondays 18-21 at:
 Blågård Skole
Skyttegade 1
2200 København Ø

In class room 110, on the first floor through entrance A. Since it's a class room, we cannot do training (maybe there might be space for small rodas), so Mondays are for music. But we need this and with three hours we have time to relax, play a lot of music and generally be happy.

If there are any problems contact either Karen (+45 22426964) or Thomas (+45 61658630).

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