Sunday, February 9, 2014


Hello everybody (or anybody) who keeps tabs on the dwindling community of capoeira Angola in Copenhagen!

I have good news and bad news. And as tradition dictates, we tackle them in reverse order.

Things have changed recently, as our beloved teacher Marcelo has gotten a new job which prevents him from teaching during the week. In order to see him, we'll have to arrange for Saturdays or Sundays (the latter maybe being easier, as we would already have a place to meet).

Therefore, I've decided to change our meeting "structure". I am going to post on this site the next time we (can) meet and will wait for confirmation as to who will come. I will also try to send messages to people who don't follow the posts here (and whose phone numbers I have). In the end, if we're fewer than three people who can come, then we don't meet. Otherwise, we'll make it happen!

As for the good news, as we don't have an appointed teacher who requires payment, I don't think it is necessary to charge anything for classes. So come, join us and have fun!

Comments, ideas or anything in between? Leave a comment here, and I'll get back to you. I'll also contact you if you leave a phone number (but I'll understand it if you don't want to do that). My number is +45 6165 8630 - feel free to call or text any time.

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